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Write Your Own Rules

We all have rules that we live by. Things we’ve been taught from childhood that we use to guide our life.Things we have to do in order to “make it”, whatever that means. But do these rules help us, or hold us back? And how many of those rules have we written for ourselves? What would your life be like if you lived by your own set of rules?

We never agreed to abide by these rules. They were handed down to us as we grew up and we assumed we had to live by them. These rules make us miserable. By following them we’ve stopped listening to ourselves and following our dreams. We forced ourselves into a life that someone else wants us to live.

What if we wrote our own rules. Look at your life., Think about who you want to be and write the rules you want to live by. When you set the intentions of the life you want to live and then abide by the rules you write yourself you increase your ability to be at peace and find happiness.

These don’t have to be heavy rules. Keep them simple, keep them with your life in mind. Remember, these are geared towards the things you want to do and the life you want to live, nothing else. I’ve struggled to get rid of a lot of the rules that ran my life and rewritten ones that apply to me and my journey.

I share my joy with others.

I control my life.

Nobody can stop me, except me.

What I’m doing NOW matters.

My life is a lesson that I learn from.

I can’t control what other people do.

These rules helped me get over past abuse and old rules, but also place my focus squarely on the now and where I go from here. It is the focus that I needed to build the life I wanted to live.

Take a moment to think about rules in your life. What rules are you living by that don’t work for you? What are the new rules you’d like to write for yourself?


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