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Free Introductory Session


Let’s talk! Spend half an hour with me talking about your goals, where you feel you’re struggling, and discuss which coaching package is right for you.


One half-hour session


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Gender Transition Package 


Transitioning changes more than your body. Hormones bring about emotional changes that are new and you’re going through a second puberty. Let's work together to ease the uncertainty.


Four Months:

- 1 Full Session per Month

- 2 Check-in Sessions (15 minutes) per month

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Creative Artist Package 


Being an artist means constantly reinventing yourself, keeping your art, and how you’re expressing yourself in alignment with who you are.  As you grow as a person that alignment can slip and your work can become unsatisfying.  Monthly sessions focus on your current emotions and growth and we work on using that to bring more meaningfulness to your art.

Six Months:

- 1 Full Session per Month

- 3 Check-in Sessions (15 minutes) over the course of the package

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Wellbeing Package 


You need to focus and recenter. You do great when you’ve got everything together, but sometimes emotions, stress, and circumstances are overwhelming.  


Wellbeing sessions are introspective and get to the core of what is bothering you.  They’re supportive, reminding you of your successes, giving yourself credit for what you’ve accomplished, and defeating those limiting beliefs you have about yourself that creep up.

Six Months:

- 2 Full Sessions per Month

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Get Back On Track Package 


Major life changes can feel like an insurmountable crisis.  Going through gender transition, getting a divorce, and starting your life over or changing jobs can feel overwhelming. It's easy to get lost in your emotions, distracted by troubles that seem to be piling up and unable to make progress.  

Instead of looking at the trouble you’re going through, we’ll focus on the amazing path that lies ahead!  Let’s sort things out together, see where emotions and beliefs are holding you back, and get started on writing the next chapter of your life!

Two-Six Months:

- 4 Full Sessions per Month

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Confidence Booster Package 


Maybe you don’t feel you need coaching right now, but it sure would feel great to get reminded every week that you are valuable, beautiful and can accomplish anything that you want. 


I offer a weekly pep talk to help you center and do a quick check on anything in your life that isn’t in alignment.

Two Months:

- 4 Check-in Sessions (15 minutes) per Month

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