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About Me


Life doesn’t come with a manual.  We’re born, we’re told some things that may or may not be true and sent off on our lives to figure things out. It’s natural that we struggle.  Sometimes, a lot.  


Our struggle might be because we don’t know who we are, or aren’t who we thought we were.  Life coaching is a way to answer these questions- Who am I?  What do I want out of life?  How do I bring my idea of who I am and what I want into alignment with what I’m doing?


Crisis forces us to face these questions when we’re feeling our most hopeless.  Having your life overturned by a divorce. Feeling unsatisfied with your job, but not knowing how to move on or even what work would satisfy you.  Finally deciding to live your truth.  All of these life transitions are big and scary, but successfully navigating them can set you free. 

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My name is Lilith Elektra Zarling, and I understand what it’s like to be facing these big decisions. 


Five years ago I was living in a gender that never suited me. I kept a job I hated because of the security. I was stuck in a troubled marriage and passing up opportunities to perform. 

In every one of those situations, I was scared.  Change involved stepping into the unknown without any idea of how I was going to make it. But when my self-doubt was the loudest, my Truth was even louder. I transitioned because accepting, embracing, and loving myself was better than struggling. I left my marriage because I deserved a chance at happiness. I developed myself as a performer, even writing and producing a solo show I performed around the country. And finally, I quit my steady job to start my own business because, finally, the idea of having a job that aligned with who I was as a person was more important than a paycheck with benefits.


What I learned through all of those transitions is that it’s never too late to live your truth.


I want this for you, too. Working together we will identify who it is that you want to be, how you can start living your life, and where you are currently not in alignment with that vision of yourself.  We’ll do this by challenging the beliefs you have about yourself, discussing how you emotionally react to the world, and finally, create actionable steps that you’ll follow for living the life you most desire.

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