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Say Yes To Yourself

How many times have you had an idea and before you even took the time to fully flesh it out you'd already told yourself that you couldn't do it? Your gut told you wanted to do something or go somewhere but your brain struck it down with an immediate "No".

What did you do after that? If you're like most of us you listened to your brain and whatever crazy reason it had for not doing the thing and when on with your day. You probably think about that idea a lot, it bothers you that you never did it, but your brain said "No" so that was that.

But what if you started saying yes to yourself, or at least put that no on hold and looked into your idea?

You might want to take a trip to Europe, but your brain says it costs too much. But how much does it cost? You probably don't know how much a trip to Europe costs off the top of your head. What if instead of accepting that initial thought you looked into it? Europe is a big place- where do you want to go and how long do you want to stay? Once you do some research you might find that it isn't as expensive as you think. And yes, your brain might be right in that you can't drop everything and go to Europe today, but with some planning you can set a goal and get there.

All the things your heart and gut want to do- quit your job, travel, treat yourself to something exciting and fun- your brain has a "No" for all of that. The brain isn't always wrong, but there also has to be more to it's answer than "No, we can't do that."

Many times this "No" is fear talking or society, or your parents or whoever might have an influence on your life. It's time to push your brain and expand your horizons. Don't let fear limit you. Follow up with your ideas instead of shutting down, see what really is possible.

Think about something that you've always wanted to do and your brain shut it down. What was the reason for not doing it? Was it a logical, reasoned argument that convinced you that your idea wasn't worth following? Or was it just a "No" with reasons like "you can't afford it", "you don't deserve it" or "you can't do that"?

Revisit those ideas. How can you say "Yes" to them or at least take your brains "No" under advisement and then consider the idea further.

"No, you can't quit your job no- but what can I start doing to work towards that goal?"

"No, I can't afford a fun vacation today- but where do I want to go and how much would it cost?"

"No, you can't go out and do all the fun things you want to do in life- but...why not?"

Still having trouble saying yes? A life coach can be a great resource for helping you change that mindset. Click here to set up a free consultation and start saying "Yes" to yourself!


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