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Removing Judgment

My origin story for becoming a coach is pretty simple. I spent most of 2019 having friends who were coaches telling me I would be an amazing coach. I spent most of that year being miserable because I hated my job and felt stuck in my life. I refused to listen, because that's where my mindset was, I couldn't afford it, it wasn't right for me.

I guess, looking back I was pretty stubborn too.

Eventually, work got so unbearable that I decided to quit and go into coaching. I haven't looked back and I haven't regretted a thing. But, it wasn't that day that was my first step towards coaching. That was just the day I finally realized I had to change was at the beginning of 2019, before my friends even started to talk to me about coaching, I had read the book "The Four Agreements" by Don Miguel Ruiz.

The book was the first step in changing my mindset. The mindset I had had for the first 48 years of my life. I had made a lot of progress in the previous three years, but this was the first step to getting in my coaching mindset.

Now, I'm not going to spoil the entire book for you, I'd love for you to read it (*note: this is not a paid endorsement, I really just like this book) and see the benefits of changing your mindset.

It focuses a lot on talking about how you react to people and how you let your interactions with others affect you. It forced me to consider all the assumptions I make about myself and others, and how those assumptions where painting a picture in my mind that was not a representation of the actual truth.

How was I taking things personally, and letting that erode my relationships when, in fact, most people's interactions with me aren't about me. They're about that person, and how they're feeling in that moment.

It forced me to look at my judgments of myself and others. Evaluating and removing these judgments is a huge part of coaching and being coached. I stopped analyzing, judging and forming opinions, holding grudges and building walls and started living freer. I'm not 100% there, and I'm not sure anybody ever is, but building that awareness really opened up the world to me.

The first step to living a happier life is losing your judgments, accepting that life happens around you and not to you and that having a proper mindset is the first step towards living a better life.

It sounds easy when I type it, but getting rid of judgments, accepting life as it is and moving forward is, obviously, an incredible undertaking. As a life coach, helping you find those judgments and getting rid of them is a huge part of what I do. If you contact me here we can set up a free consultation and get started.


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