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Nothing Is Crazy

"But that's crazy" is a phrase I've said and heard often. Mostly, we drop a "that's crazy" in conversation when we're talking about our future and what we want to do with our lives.

"I want to travel, but that's crazy."

"I would love to quit and get my dream job, but that's crazy."

The reality is, nothing is crazy. What we want: our dream job, our dream lives - all of these things are possible. We tell ourselves these thing are crazy because they seem unattainable, especially when we're only able to see the future from our current situation.

In 2015 I would have told you that it was crazy to think I'd be here in 2020. That this girl could own her own business, be a community leader and perform all across the country. I mean, in 2015 I wasn't even a girl. Crazy indeed.

So what happened? How did this "crazy" future become in a reality? In 2015, owning my own business wasn't even something I desired. I didn't have a community to be a leader of, and society had spent 45 years insisting that I was a boy, regardless of what I knew about myself.

I stopped listening to society and started listening to myself. I stopped putting my own needs and desires on hold for others. That might sound selfish, but taking care of myself changed my mental health and confidence and put me in a position to give more back to my community.

I decided that I was going to be my authentic self, and I started taking those small steps to make that happen. Being where I am now does seem crazy when looking forward from 2015, but looking back, from 2020, I can see the path and every step I took along the way. It doesn't seem crazy, it seems inevitable.

Often we don't even think about what we want- we're too busy surviving from day to day to have the luxury of thinking about our desires. And if we do think about our desires, we get lost in the enormity of the final goal. When we get lost in the impossibility of the goal, we don't even start taking the first steps, so of course it is crazy.

And here's the thing, maybe we won't reach the goal! That happened to me plenty of times in the last five years. Some goals I didn't give myself a realistic time frame to achieve. Others, I realized once I got closer to them, weren't really what I wanted.

The thing is, because I had started taking steps, started moving down the path, I began seeing other opportunities. Things were opening up to me that I would have never realized were possible if I hadn't taken those first steps forward. There are things we know we want, and things we will want, that we don't even know are available to us. But none of that happens if you stay where you are and dismiss your dreams as crazy.

What is the crazy thing that you want? What is the first, smallest step you could take today to start down that path? Once you start taking small steps, you'll be amazed at where you can end up!

Still think your dreams are crazy, or unsure about your first step? Set up a consultation and let's chat about what you want, and help you make that crazy life become reality.


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